Tuesday: Ferry home

Morning ferry on our way home

Ready to board. The car with its doors up is a McLaren it followed us from the hotel for a short time then left us in the distance!


Monday: Bilbao

Say our farewells to the others as we set off for Bilbao

Back through the gorge the nets above the road are a bit unnerving

In Bilbao it is a warm 28 degrees. Went to the Guggenheim Museum.

Big dog made of flowers

Sunday: Hot weather at last

At last the hot weather we were expecting before we came out, although the forecast is for 31 degrees on Wednesday when we will be home. We decided to go on a walk some of the others had had not managed to decipher the route and neither did we but it was very pleasant anyway.

Most of the others went up the cable car that we did yesterday some even walked all the way down although in one case it was “the hardest walk we have ever done”

Stephen and his Morgan who was also staying at the hotel. We were teasing each other about which was a kit car (or not!)
Last night dinner in Hotel Del Oso

Saturday: Fuente De cablecar & sun at last

A day for each to choose their own thing. We decided to take the cable car up to Fuente De. Some had thought there might be snow there but it was not too bad.

Just 5 minutes up to the top
And ok when we were there only slightly chilly

When we got back to the car park it was really warm

Someone told us about a festival nearby

Speech! Speech!
But when we got back we were told it was some political meeting which explains why we got bored quickly and left early!

Friday: Potes in the rain

Awoke to yet more rain so decided to drive into Potes the nearest town. There is a Morgan staying in the same Hotel so I greeted the owner with “So is this a Kit Car then?” but he was very friendly and interested in Panthers. He was jealous of our wind up windows!

A red car and a kit car…

Not many places are fun in the rain. Think we ‘did’ Potes

Pretty riverside walk

Monastery overlooking the town. Most exciting thing was the car park…

Thursday: Lakes of Covadonga

Today we decided to go to the Lakes of Covadonga. It was roof up & down like a yo yo

Nice and warm at coffee stop
Then on the way up to the Lakes started bucketing down so rushed stop, when we weren’t driving round cows on the road!

The cows looked at us as if to say “Well I’m not moving!”

Lakes very pretty but it was cold up there!
So we piled into the restaurant at the top for comfort food

Wednesday: Walks and Casa de las Donas

The weather was much better today. Some of us went for a walk from the Hotel

Pretty butterflies on the path.

In the afternoon we drove to the Casa de las Donas a large house that had been left unchanged since the middle of the last century. It was fascinating.

Winding roads
Limas v Kallistas parked up
Unrestored dining room in the Casa

Welcoming committee when we arrived back:

The hotel has 2 huge St Bernards who spend most of their time flopped asleep by the entrance
Then the highlight of the evening, the quiz run by Bob & Elaine won by Dave & Sue